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The idea of creating a beauty parlor "Ardi Borova", began during 1993 , which was concretize with its opening in 1994. Borova Salon was designed to bring the Albanian market trends latest European hair treatment. Since departing, the main principle of Borova was the quality service and western standard in everything offered in his salon, which absorbed clients with high demands. 

In the years 1996-1997, Borova comes with more experience gained in the west, specializing in Italy and France . Began to be part of the main artistic and cultural events in the country. Participated in many shows of the time, the most famous was the Contest of beauty "Miss Europe 1996" and song festivals of National Radio Television of Albania.

In 1997 Borova will emerge with a new dimension, that of educating young people aspiring to be part of the field of hairdressing. At this time ARDI BOROVA Academy was established. With hundreds of Borova trainees have already opened their parlors, or are part of the staff at soma famous Salons in Tirana and not only.

Not less known figures in the field of art, politics and media have created their public image, trusting only Borova hands. Many of them, especially young people want to change the look and style comes directly from Ardi.

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